‘Maybe For One Last Time’, said the artist.

A writer whom I loved so much.OrA lover whom I wrote to so much.When the two came in one, the love for writing to her was so clear however. I just could not help it. Over a period of that sharing, at some point, a series of events pushed me to tell her what it... Continue Reading →


‘That’s how probably HOPE looks like.’

A friend once wrote to me, ' I remember looking at a crack on the sidewalk once and I think it was a faint pink pansy growing with all its might amidst the concrete.. And I thought that's what Hope must look like.. ' I went out with my room mates one day, in Chennai.... Continue Reading →

I started writing before reading!!!

Well. This is a post that I've been planning to write for long, ever since I felt 'I really started writing'. Like all my dreams, I go way beyond the limits when even the limits themselves are far away in reality. But being lazy, and not getting 'that thing' for writing, it just remained in... Continue Reading →

“Power is a curious thing”

"Are you fond of riddles? Three great men sit in a room. A king, a priest and a rich man. Between them stands a common sellsword. Each great man bids the sellsword kill the other two. Who lives? Who dies?" This is won of my favorite conversations, by two of my favorite characters, in one of... Continue Reading →

The Happiest Bench

http://feelgrafix.com/data_images/out/13/866480-park-bench-backgrounds.jpg ( image courtesy: http://feelgrafix.com/ ) It’s a beautiful park, With a bench, a happy mark, I sit here bend, With a stranger at the other end. I turned slowly after a while. He smiled at me, fragile. I smiled at him fine. Saw a smile like mine, The same that I see in the... Continue Reading →

Arranged Love Marriage

India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. And in case, I need to marry one, he or she will not be considered a brother or sister as per the norms put forward by the traditions and ‘arrangements’ will be made under ‘parental guidance’. This might be a very sensitive subject that... Continue Reading →

Courageous to be afraid

Fear. It’s something we’re really afraid of! But should we be? Let there be fear. It seems to be a very natural emotion. A very natural feeling. From ancient times, there’s been fear. In our age old stories and songs and other art forms of storytelling. Puranas mention it. Fear is one of the nine... Continue Reading →

The Cafe

I’ve been sipping this coffee. Sipping it since last one hour. They’ve been making fun of me. Laughing at me. Laughing since last one hour. I don’t get angry. I know they don’t mean to. A boy and a girl, having their most romantic moments, laughing together, is a sight that fills you with energy,... Continue Reading →

The curse called Culture

Culture now. The privilege of being Indian. Not just Indian, but I’m just restricting this to the Indian context which itself is a mammoth subject to handle. Culture has been the trademark of this magnificent country existing called ‘India’. And what do you need to be proud of the most, being an Indian? Answer: your... Continue Reading →

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